We look forward to welcoming all those who registered, at Frederick’s Restaurant, 7701 Broadway, # 20, San Antonio, TX 78209, on Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00pm.

Apéritif – one of the following:

1. Oysters casino with beurre d’escargot, lard et poivrons

2. Calamari with Asian noodles and sweet Thai bbq sauce

3. Moules au curry et basilique asiatique

Domaine Le Capitaine – Vouvray Les Aumônes 2017 

Entrée – one of the following:

1. Wild-caught red snapper steamed in plantain leaf with shiitake, leeks and dipping sauce

2. Half roast duck with fried bacon rice

3. Norwegian salmon with turmeric beurre blanc and capers

4. Côte de porc aux champignons, sauce au madère

Chapoutier La Ciboise Rouge 2015 – Côtes du Luberon

Dessert – one of the following:

1. Le trio

2. Île flottante

Bouvet Rosé sparkling wine from Loire Valley

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