Have you been looking for a chance to practice your spoken French a little each day?  Please consider joining the free, online 30 Day Speaking Challenge in June.  (After the month begins, you may join anytime through the 7th.)

How does it work?  How do I participate?

* After you sign up for this challenge, you’ll receive an email each day from the organizer, Jonathan Huggins, with a suggested speaking topic.
* Using an audio recording site such as SpeakPipe (link to this site is provided in the daily email), produce a 2-3 minute audio in French and save it, using that topic, or another of your choice.
* Copy the link to a shared Google document (link provided in the daily email; available only to participants) so that native French-speaking participants may review it.  (Conversely, you’ll have access to a similar document for those submitting audio in English, allowing you to assist them.)
* Enjoy the feeling of practicing your French consistently – and seeing progress over time.

Please feel free to advise with questions.  Bonne continuation!

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